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2 Ways How to Make Simple Compast

A compass is a tool that must be taken when we explore to facilitate our search for direction. However, sometimes people can forget to bring the compass and will be confused to find direction. Of course today, you do not need to be complicated because there is already a compass on the gadget. But what if it turns out that there is no signal to use the compass? The alternative is to make a simple compass. Here's a simple compass making tips.

Make a compass from the needle
The needle of the compass seems to be making are familiar. It's easy enough once preparing needles, magnetic, Cork or a straw and a bowl of water. The first step to do is rub the entire surface of the needles into the body of a magnet.

After that, create the best to make the needle floats. This buoy can be done from Cork or a thin straw. If using the Cork, then thrust the needle into the Cork stay. Whereas if you're using a straw, then cut straws into smaller parts for rapid thrusting into the right and left the side of the needle.
When it is finished to make a float, then keep the needle in a bowl of water to swim. The tip of the needle will point towards the North if you're South in the direction of Regensburg and vice versa. Easy is not the way to make a simple compass of this needle.

Make a compass from a used CD

The second alternative to making a simple compass is made it from the CD that is unused. So can utilize unused stuff isn't it? The materials to be prepared is a used CD, place the CD, magnets, and a glue gun. The first is to attach a magnet to the other end of the CD by using a glue gun. When it is finished, take the next step. I.e., with filling the place with water. Then input the CD already plastered the magnet into the CD which is already filled with water. Automatically, the magnet already affixed to the CD will lead to the North. Next, use a simple compass, and you can determine the direction of the other.

A simple compass can be made from materials that there is surrounding us with ease. May be made from other ingredients, the core uses the magnet only. Because of the way we search for directions using the compass that one must pull the earth magnet. So desperately needed in the manufacture of the magnetic compass is simple.

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