Download Delta BBM v3.9.1 Apk Download New Version | TERBARU UPDATE HARI INI

Download Delta BBM v3.9.1 Apk Download New Version

Download Delta BBM v3.9.1 Apk Download New Version

BBM Mod Delta Apk is one of BBM Mod which is famous for its interesting features and very popular among lovers of BBM, one of the cool features in Delta BBM is auto night mode, which is a feature that can change the theme automatically if it has entered the curfew . There are many features that feature on BBM Mod Delta is more that will share is the latest version that is 3.9.1 that has been done on the fix language features and fix ads appear in the chat list. BBM Mod made from modder called Yoyocx S Praditya Son is phenomenal which makes the level of comfort in communicating using fuel.Well, on this occasion I will share about Delta BBM 3.9.1 Update Latest version Apk, before I convey the advanced features of this BBM Mod Mode 3.9.1, I will explain some errors / bugs that occur on BBM this Mod, one of which is force close when using custom background. Not all experience force close, but not in force if there is force close. Avatar shape in group profile can also cause force close. One of the shortcomings in addition to force close at a certain point is the BBM Mod Delta is the most heavy in bandig with BBM Mod in general because of too many additional features advanced features in Delta BBM Mod Apk 3.9.1.Here also I will provide Delta BBM version Clone and Unclone or BBM2 Delta 3.9.1 latest. Okay, I'll just explain what features of the advanced features in Delta BBM v3.9.1 This Latest Update, see the full review below along with the look of the BBM Mod:

Mod By Yoyocx S Praditya Putra
Delta BBM v3.9.1 Apk Download Terbaru

Delta BBM v3.9.1 Apk Update Terbaru

Fitur Lengkap BBM MOD DELTA LABS Computindo
  1. Clone & No Clone
  2. Change Default PING Text (Sayang, Assalamu'alaikum, Sampurasun, Hello, Kulonuwun)
  3. New Bubble Style Added (Line Style)
  4. Select Big/Normal Display Picture on Drawer Header
  5. No Backup Free Sticker
  6. Change Language (Default Phone, English, Indonesian, Sunda dan Jawa)
  7. Change Theme (Light Theme, Dark Theme, Transparent Theme, Black Theme, Sailfish)
  8. Auto Night Mode
  9. Change Rounded Icon Set
  10. Change Aplication UI Color
  11. Change Accent Color
  12. Change Bubble Chat Style
  13. Change Bubble Chat Color
  14. Change Font Size
  15. Change Text Style (Normal, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic)
  16. Full Screen View
  17. Statusbar Tint
  18. On/Off Block Read Status
  19. Change Sliding Menu Position (Left/Right)
  20. On/Off Hide Sponsored
  21. Set Auto Text
  22. Lock Mode
  23. Private Mode
  24. Reload
  25. Select Light/Dark Incoming and Outgoing Text Color
  26. Select Big/Normal Display Picture on Profile View
  27. Select Notifications Icon Color
  28. Select Notifications Splat Icon Color
  29. Hide Inbox Notification
  30. Change Display Picture Shadow Color (Tidak bekerja di Android Lollipop)
  31. Change Display Picture Shadow Radius (Tidak berekja di Android Lollipop)
  32. Top/Bottom Tab Layout
  33. Navigation Icon Style
  34. Hide New Chat Floating Action Button
  35. Add New Tab Icon
  36. Add New Emoticon Style
  37. Add WhatsApp Bubble
  38. On/Off Running Text PM and List Chat
  39. Fix Custom Font Digital Clock
  40. Show Hide Attach Input
  41. Color Setting from Drawer

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