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The Most Simple Youtube SEO Trick

The simple youtube seo trick

Hi buddy wherever you are, Welcome to you who just hang out here hopefully this article here can add your insight in building a blog or youtube channel.

Have you ever ask the experts google adsense, temperature or something that thinks himself the most correct and most know everything about blogging think you can get good answers not from them every time you ask about the problem blogging? Or even get cemeehan or insult from them? Yes if I've ever felt it like in "Yeah, you'll never get AdSense, and should not, your just a low level, wanna be a scammer punk." Ill just hell yes I consider it a compliment for me in the future.

You should never forget the masters or temperatures that once helped you or gave you knowledge, Just do not let a betrayer be a good blogger for whoever it is.

Earning is not from adsense alone, you can play bitcoin, forex, cpa, cpi and others, Or can also learn FBads ya must use capital but I can guarantee anything you do dengna consistently there will be results that you can enjoy later as long as his goals are good.
Okay tonight I want to share a little light notes about seo tricks on youtube continue pantengin yes even if you do not understand.

Here is the seo for youtube there are two first subjects. 

On page SEO on youtube:

1. Video file name according to keyword. Example: caramemasak.mp4 (before upload)
2. The video title contains the keywords you are shooting at.
3. Keyword is in the description, if you have a reference then use a live link (not recommended)
4. Keywords are in tags (use the Heartbeat plugin for spy keyword competitors who are trending, vidiq, youtuberubuddy etc)
5. Keyword is in transcript if it has transcript
6. Rate review
7. Comments are good and do not contain spam.
8. Likes video from the visitors or maybe you have many emails can be tried. 

Off page SEO on Youtube:

1.Social Sharing you can do on all social media video sharing after you upload in YT.
2.Share on Google plus, love this + 1 you do every upload.
4.Embeds on high PR page and also use live link using exact match anchor text
5.Social Bookmarking
6.Blog Networks
7.Web 2.0 Embedding
8.High PR blog comments
9.Spam Links

Okay sob maybe that's all I can say on this day, Note above is owned by youtube master whose name is still a secret, do not hesitate to share this article if you think it is very useful and useful.

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